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Medium to Small Business

March 23rd, 2015

Everybody has a camera. Everybody can take their own pictures. Are you looking for quality? Do you want to see the details of what your business has to offer? Are you in the business of producing detailed high resolution images ready to go to the print company or onto a website? Photography is no different than your business service or product. Can a photographer produce your product or service with the same quality and reliability as your business? Don't skimp on your IMAGE. You cannot get a thousand quality words out of a fifty word picture.

Photographing Flat artwork

March 19th, 2015

There are many details to consider when photographing an artists flat work. Whether it is on canvas or cardboard the type of materials an artist uses to complete the piece will present it's own set of unique variables. There is no way to anticipate the adjustments needed to obtain an accurate reproduction. This is why I do not recommend returning the original artwork until all the image details have been matched.

Each ink or paint etc. utilizes different pigments and all reflect light differently. The thickness, position, contour and media will alter the appearance further. When the artists mixes materials to produce a hue more to their liking, that reflected light is now even more complex. In short order, some of the colors perceived by the camera due to the pigments and lighting may be completely different than what the eye perceives. Insure you have compared and balanced your digital color file against the original in a natural light before considering the job done.